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It’s easier than you think to own a brand new home

At Affordable House Builders, we’ve got each step of the process covered to get you into your new affordable home. We can help you choose your design using our online tool, we can give you a hand to find a section (if you need it) and we can help you with getting the finance sorted.

Financing of new homes is a specialist area. That’s why we provide independent and expert service. In many cases only 10% deposit is required to get financing approved, and with your Kiwisaver contributions, it could be easier than you think to get into your new home.

How much can you afford to borrow? That’s the first step in the finance part of the process. Fill in the form below to get started and we’ll get in touch. Your information is completely safe and confidential.

How much can you afford?

Take two minutes now to give us some basic information below and we’ll get straight back to you with an estimate of how much you can borrow

Your information is 100% confidential and you won’t be spammed

    1. Will your application be individual or joint?

    2. Do you currently own property/land?

    5. Apart from salary/wages, do you earn any other income?

    6. Do you have savings and assets (apart from vehicles and existing property/land)?